The Maze of Shattered Souls
The Maze of Shattered Souls
Publication Dungeon magazine #177
Date April 2010
Publisher Wizards of the Coast
Type Adventure
Author James Wyatt
Illustrator Patrick McEvoy and Jason A. Engle
Pages 4-30
Edition 4th ed.

The Demon Wastes is a blasted, haunted land infested with all manner of evil beings. Deep in its heart stands an ancient structure called the Maze of Shattered Souls. The Lords of Dust hold the place in high regard, for they believe they can learn more of the mysterious Draconic Prophecy by studying and communing with the souls trapped in this place. But places of evil attract the attention of those with good motivations, too, for a variety of reasons.

"The Maze of Shattered Souls" is a Dungeons & Dragons adventure for five characters of 15th level. This adventure is set in the world of Eberron.

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