The Material Plane
3rd edition rules
Alignment Unaligned
Time Normal
Gravity Normal
Enhanced Magic None
Impeded Magic None
Source Eberron Campaign Setting,
pg. 92

The world of Eberron spins within the The Material Plane. The Material Plane was created from the bodies of the three progenitor wyrms, and is enfolded by three coexistent transitive planes: the Astral Plane, the Ethereal Plane, and the Plane of Shadow. The other planes of Eberron are adrift within the Astral Plane, and orbit Eberron's seat within the Material Plane. As each of these plane's orbits bring it closer or farther from the Material Plane, it affects the Material Plane in unique ways.[1][2]


  • All of the inhabitants of Eberron are said to inhabit the Material Plane.


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The Planes of Eberron
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