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The Mandarn Concord is the third campaign for The Book Club. The campaign is set in Eberron and uses the 4th Edition rules set.

Characters Edit

Current Characters Edit

  • Lasai Tharashk - 3rd Level Human Rogue
  • Raksur Ahkmad Abdul Khokhar - 3rd Level Human Fighter
  • Talvaras Dragomir - 3rd Level Half-Elf Cleric
  • Elle Jorasco - 3rd Level Halfling Ranger

Former Characters Edit


Character Journals Edit

Plot Edit

Act 1 - The Last War Edit

Act 2 - TBA Edit

Act 3 - TBA Edit

Important NPCs Edit

Allies Edit

Enemies Edit

Other Edit

  • Mandarn
  • Kifer d'Tharashk
  • Andibian d'Deneith
  • Gen. Kalidor ir'Burgess
  • Col. Reddstromm
  • Cpt. Joeel Guarm
  • Lt. Benwick
  • Salaes Nnumebar
  • Aldon Swoern

Important Locations Edit

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