A vicious band of pirates and marauders hides within the jungle of Khraal in southeastern Darguun. Led by the cruel Baalo One-Eye (CE male hobgoblin, barbarian 4), the Khraal Lords terrorize the scattered goblinoid communities of southern Darguun. The band also possesses two small warships it recovered from a Cyran base on the Ghaal River. Now Baalo and his followers use the ships to raid vessels crossing Kraken Bay, though they avoid prey that is better armed or more sea-savvy than themselves (which includes most ships they come across).

For this reason, the Khraal Lords have begun sending scavenging forays into the Mournland from the southern sea. With few connections outside Darguun, Baalo has been selling whatever relics he acquires to a House Deneith clerk who tends an outpost in Wyvernskull. The clerk, a hireling without blood ties to the house, pays a third of what the relics are worth and has been selling them, in turn, to Prince Oargev of New Cyre for a handsome profit.

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