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10 Olarune, 994 YK - Hanging on tightly to a rope ladder descending from the deck of the airship, the party witnesses a devastating sight. As the airship rises and the camp below shrinks away, they witness the scene, illuminated by small fires spread by blasts from arcane ballista. Thousands of skeletons draped in Karrnathi colors stream over the battlefield spilling Cyran blood. On the outskirts of the camp, a legion of Karrnathi undead await the order to enter the camp. Even more disheartening, the party witnesses Gen. Kalidor ir'Burgess's pavilion tent being torn down...

As Fort Bright disappears into the glowing night, the party clambers aboard the Lyrandar elemental-bound airship. Isik is already aboard and going through the supplies Cpt. Gaurm made ready for the party and inventorying them.

The windwright of the ship introduces himself as Dorian d'Lyrandar, a half-elf that clearly leans toward his elven ancestry more than human. He briefly escorts the party around the ship giving a tour and then leaves everyone to their devices.

The party gets some sleep and in the morning, Raksur gets everyone together for some military drills in order to learn each other's battle techniques. The training lasts most of the morning and before long they are worn. Isik can be found lounging about the ship being generally unsociable. Dorian d'Lyrandar brings the party into his private chambers and gives them a flight and insertion briefing. They are to "paratroop" into the Khraal jungle of Darguun using featherfall tokens, find the ruins and recover the relic and any missing operatives. Then, the party is to head toward the Cyre-Darguun northern border and wait for extraction. The party is comfortable with the briefing and heads off to go to sleep.

Several days later, the airship approaches the jungle canopy of Khraal. Night settles and the party prepares for insertion. Lasai has everyone put on commando-style face paint and then the party heads to the deck. From there, they can see their drop location, a massive waterfall. The party leaps off the airship and activates their featherfall tokens - Raksur doesn't land so well and crashes into Lasai and Talvaras. When they get their bearings, they realize there is a goblinoid outpost building on the waterfall. A battle ensues with the party facing a barrage of ranged attacks and ambushes within the building. They fight through and defeat the goblins, but one escapes.

Fearing reinforcements, Isik leads the party into the jungles where they find shelter for the rest of the night and recover from the battle.

As the sun starts to show its face, illuminating the jungle floor somewhat, the jungle comes alive and the party realizes just what they might be in for...

To be continued...