The Guild of Starlight and Shadows emerged in a form of rebellion against the strict rules and structure of the Esoteric Order of Aureon. The Guild has always included a large number of sorcerers, many of whom found the endless research of the wizards to be dull torment. The Guild of Starlight and Shadows has always been a dynamic and energetic organization, willing to bend rules and push boundaries. The circle stood alongside the Esoteric Order to fight the mad wizards of the Closed Circle, but in general the members of the Guild consider the Order wizards to be pretentious stuffed robes. Members of the two circles often quarrel, and mystical duels are not uncommon.

Members of the Guild of Starlight and Shadows usually want to know the details before casting a spell, but they have no traditions requiring that they obtain this knowledge, and for an extra 25% fee no questions are asked. In addition to straightforward spellcasting services and item creation, many members of the Guild work for dream parlors— cabarets that use exotic displays of illusion to entertain customers. The forces of the law are often suspicious of members of the Guild, and a character who belongs to the Guild of Starlight and Shadows must deal with this prejudice if he ever runs afoul of the law.

The Guild of Starlight and Shadows currently has 152 members spread across Breland. Approximately 48 of these are sorcerers of 1st to 4th level, with 27 artificers and 27 wizards in the same level range. The Guild includes 22 5th-level characters, 11 6th-level characters, 5 7th-level characters, 3 8th-level characters, and 2 9th-level characters. At any given time there are usually 25 to 35 members in Sharn. Humans, half-elves, and gnomes are the largest racial groups in the Guild, which includes a fair number of changelings and elves, and a handful of shifters.

Wizards and sorcerers associated with the Guild of Starlight and Shadows usually focus on spells from the conjuration, enchantment, illusion, transmutation, and universal schools. Specialist wizards who join the Guild must focus on one of these schools.

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