The Great Crag is the seat of power in Droaam. It is the largest city and the place where the Daughters of Sora Kell rule over Droaam. The Great Crag is a large mountain jutting up from an otherwise flat landscape. During the Dhakaani Empire, Droaam was an important city and a gateway to the west of their empire. Legends say the mountain pulled up through the ground during the Daelkyr War. Despite its size the Great Crag is not very sopphisticated. House Tharashk is the only dragonmarked house in the city and other than armor and weapons, items are hard to come by. Temples to the Sovereign Host and The Silver Flame are unknown here but the Dark Six is well represented.

Cities of Droaam
Cazhaak Draal · Graywall · Graywall Outpost · The Great Crag · Grimstone Keep · Karthoon Tor · Lost · Mordain's Hall
Shaarat Kol · Stonejaw Keep · Suthar Draal · Thrakelorn · Turakbar's Fist · Tzaryan Keep · Vralkek · Znir

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