Dragon Magazine 356-65
Dragonmarks: The Gathering Stone
Publication Dragon Magazine issue #356
Date June 2007
Publisher Paizo Publishing
Type Game mechanics
Author Tim Hitchcock
Illustrator Tyler Walpole
Pages 76-80
Edition 3rd ed. (3.5)
Series Dragonmarks
Preceded by Way of the Shackled Beast
Followed by Spell Sovereign

In the lowlands of the Northern Plains of Darguun, about a hundred miles north of Rhukaan Draal, rests the heart of the Ghaal'dar nation: a massive obelisk worn down from a single piece of uplifted shale known as the Gathering Stone. A remnant of a darker, earlier age, the Gathering Stone remains the inveterate site for goblinoid tribes to congregate and trade, find spouses, drink, fight, and talk politics.

Following the collapse of the Dhakaani Empire, the Gathering Stone became vital to the survival of the goblin tribes. In those dark times, the stone marked a centralized gathering place for orphaned refugees and weaker clans to seek the safety of others. There, smaller tribes merged, adopting stragglers and absorbing them into their midst. Conversely, remaining too long at the stone became a dangerous proposition for those without the support of a strong tribe. The stone became a hunting ground for emerging warlords who relied on slave labor to provide food and equipment for their growing armies. During this time, warlords enslaved many of the weaker goblin tribes, although this practice slowed in later years.