The Gathering Stone is an enormous piece of shale, located in the lowlands of the Northern Plains of Darguun. As fits its name, it acts as a gathering point for many goblinoid tribes to assemble.


Immediately after the Dhakaani Empire collapsed, the Gathering Stone was used for the assembly of smaller goblinoid tribes, which also made it ideal for more powerful tribes enslaving lesser tribes here. Over time, tribes assembled into hordes, and the Gathering Stone still served its purpose by gathering groups of these goblinoids, until eventually the hordes stabilized and Ghaal'dar rose to power.

Now, it acts much like an enormous marketplace, where any number of things are bought and sold. At any time, it is surrounded by tents, hovels, and fires - basically, the Gathering Stone is permanent campsite. Recently, House Deneith has established a fortress near the stone, where goblinoid mercenaries are recruited and trained by the House.


The stone is tended to by druids of the Kurmaac tribe, who maintain both the Gathering Stone itself and the ancient traditions surrounding it. Additionally, they oversee the ancient law of the "blind forum," where disputes are settled by Kurmaac sentinels who listen to the claims, and organize contests according to what they hear. Among other things, this serves to justify speech against Lhesh Haruuc, which can frequently be heard around the Gathering Stone, as the Kurmaac encourage free speech in its vicinity (but this freedom is nullified as soon as they leave). It is for this same reason that, besides its many transient people, the Gathering Stone holds a small permanent colony of those opposed to Lhesh Haruuc.

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