364 ED Forest of Flesh
Expeditionary Dispatches:
The Forest of Flesh
Publication Dragon magazine issue #364
Date June 2008
Publisher Wizards of the Coast
Type Game mechanics
Author Keith Baker
Illustrator Brian Hagan and Chris Burdett
Pages 63-67
Edition 4th ed.
Series Expeditionary Dispatches
Preceded by Dangers of Taer Valaestas
Followed by Dolurrh's Dawn

Mordain the Fleshweaver is the subject of dozens of horrifying tales. One story describes an early effort to create a new dragonmarked house, which instead produced a line of foulspawn that devoured Mordain’s own family. Mothers tell their children that Mordain steals disobedient youths for his experiments, replacing them with perfect simulacra so their parents never know. Whatever the truth of these stories, Mordain was excoriated from House Phiarlan in 797 YK. According to the records of Salyon Syrralan d'Sivis, the Twelve tried to execute Mordain and failed. Salyon’s account states that Mordain was bathed in acid, burned at the stake, drowned, and even dismembered, and after each attempt “he rose again, his vigor unchecked and flesh rebound.” He was petrified and sent to Dreadhold, but he escaped before reaching the island prison; Salyon speculated that “no lesser mage could set his will over the flesh of Mordain."

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