Memory: This Demesnes deals with the written word. Phiarlan novelists, playwrights, and poets all study it. The Phiarlan back a good amount of money thanks to their books, songs and plays because they have a powerful effect on public opinion. So an individual can pay for a Phiarlan author to portray them in a good light or the person can ask them to vilify an enemy. Phiarlan are also used as speech writers and many politicians have hired them to improve their image.

The Demesne of Memory is located in the city of Fairhaven in Aundair.

Motion: As its name suggests this Demesnes has to do with the art of the body. The art form that is studied here is dance, gymnastics, wrestling, mime, contortion, massage, and many more. Phiarlans have master many different forms and styles of dance and they are know for there grace and power. Acrobats of the [[Carnival of Shadows]] train in this Demesne before starting in the Carnival. The [[Serpentine Table]] normally take some of the most gifted students of motion for their group.

Phiarlan escorts study the arts of motion and shadow. These elves are used for people that need companionship or to make an impression and the Phiarlan can change their appearance through their magic to appear as anyone the client needs or wants.

The Demesne of Motion is located in the city of Wroat in Breland (Dragonmarked 3.5).

Music: This Demesnes teaches the art of sound, song and instruments. This Demesne teaches different styles from all over Eberron. Most Phialan learn this Demesne and it is second in popularity only to the Demesne of Shadow.

The Demesne of Music is located in the city of Flamekeep in Thrane.

Shape: This Demesnes teaches the different ways of making costumes, sets, props and instruments. Aesthetic art, sculptors, painters, and potters also learn this Demesne. The Phiarlan use the worksmithing that they obtained for Aerenal to create the many things.

The first Demesne of Shape was located in the city of Metrol in Cyre, but with Cyre destroyed in the wake of the Day of Mourning the new Demesne of Shape has been established in Thaliost, Thrane (Dragonmarked 3.5).

Shadow: This Demesne covers the art of deception. The illusions used in the house's various art forms and plays are learned here. This also serves as the center for verbal arts of deception and coercion, feigned emotion, and role assumption.

The Demesne of Shadow is located in Sharn, Breland. With the destruction of the first Demesne of Music, it is the oldest of the Five Demesnes and is the current home of the house matriarch.

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