The Emerald Claw is a code name for the green dragon who was the father of Erandis Vol and lover of Minara Vol. His true name is known only by his lover Minara.


The Emerald Claw lived over 3600 years ago during the Current Age. He played a large part in the War of the Mark in the year -2600. Minara Vol, matriarch of House Vol sought to end the war between elves and dragons by fusing the blood of both races. She was impregnated by the Emerald Claw whom, she fell in love with during her pregnancy, a secret she kept from the other House members. It is not known if her feelings for the Emerald Claw were mutual. Minara gave birth to a girl whom she named Erandis after her grandmother. Erandis was raised in secret while both House Vol and the Emerald Claw tried to secure a peaceful end to the conflict. It is still unknown even to this day but word of Erandis' existence was leaked. Those who survived the war claimed that Erandis was betrayed by one of the elves of House Vol however, no one could explain who exactly or why someone would betray her. The prevailing theory among modern historians is that the Emerald Claw himself, whom was desperate for an end to the conflicts between the two races, voluntarily announced the news of the union of elvish and dragon blood. If this is true and the Emerald Claw did indeed divulge the revelation of the child, then his goal was achieved to some degree as the periodic fighting ceased as the dragons and elves united under the common goal of exterminating House Vol's bloodline and all half-dragons that had been created.

The Emerald Claw is believed to have vanished soon after the purge began. Some historians believe him to have been killed defending the half-dragons. Others claim he withdrew from Eberron in shame over what his hubris had wrought.


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