Dragonmarked Houses are extended families of a single race whose members sometimes manifest dragonmarks. They often have a near-monopoly on certain kinds of businesses and are considered neutral in any affairs between the nations of Khorvaire.

The following Dragonmarked Houses exist:

There used to be an additional House - House Vol - but it was destroyed twenty-six hundred years ago. In addition, House Tarkanan is a dragonmarked house to which people with aberrant dragonmarks belong, though it is not acknowledged by the other dragonmarked houses.

Order of EstablishmentEdit

House Title

Year Established (Estimation)

House Phiarlan, House Vol


House Sivis


House Deneith


House Cannith


House Lyrandar


House Orien


House Vadalis


House Medani


House Ghallanda, House Jorasco


House Tarkanan


House Kundarak

106 YK

House Tharashk

498 YK

House Thuranni

972 YK


The leader of a dragonmarked house is named a Patriarch or Matriarch.


Most members, especially the high ranking ones, carry Arcane Signet Rings as a means of identification.


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