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The Dark Pack is a group of werewolves and worgs that haunts the moors of southern Droaam. This group has long been sought by the Church of the Silver Flame who love nothing better than to hunt humans, preferably worshippers of the Silver Flame. This is not without cause. Most of the Pack are natural lycanthropes descended from survivors of the Purge. And in fact the leader of the Dark Pack, Zaeurl, a female elven werewolf, is an actual survivor and witnessed her family slaughtered by inquisitors of the Silver Flame.

The Dark Pack was started by Zaeurl in the Eldeen Reaches, but the Daughters of Sora Kell offered it their protection when they created Droaam and earned the loyalty of the Pack and its leader, whom they often send against enemies they want eliminated.

The Dark Pack lycanthropes tend to remain in wolf form and some in fact have lived their whole lives in lupine form, never having changed shape. They make an effort not to leave survivors so as not to spread lycanthropy and reveal their existence.


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