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This cult contains the most dangerous Seekers in the world as members. The main goal of the sect is to gain immortality by using other living souls. The capital at Fairhaven is the headquarters of the Cult of Life and it is the largest order in the Blood of Vol.

Torven “the Ageless” d’Medani is a half-elf vampire lord, the leader of the Cult of Life in Fairhaven, and one of the cult’s principles in Khorvaire. Although House Medani’s authorities believe he is dead, he maintains power and influence over a few choice house scions in the Fairhaven enclave and elsewhere. He also has a network of sinister connections among influential persons in Fairhaven, Arcanix, and wider Aundair, Karrnath, and Thrane. He has established his lair in ancient catacombs under the Sovereign Ward.

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