The Crying Fields is a stretch of land east of the town of Ghalt.  The Crying Fields saw battle after bloody battle as Thrane and Aundair fought for control of what is now southern Aundair. Today, no one farms these fields, no animals graze upon the crimson-tinged grass. The place has a forlorn, melancholy atmosphere, as though a thick and cloying fog hangs over it. On nights when the primary moon of the month rises full, the sounds of battle can be heard rolling across the empty expanse, and some claim that the dead soldiers even appear to continue their endless struggle for the land.

The name of the area comes from the sound the wind makes when it blows from Lake Galifar and crosses into Thrane. That's when sounds of anguish and despair claim the fields. Low and distant during the day, the cries grow louder and more distinct at night.

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