The Closed Circle
Homebase Sharn, Breland
Disbanded 641 YK
Alignment Evil

Formed in secret in the early history of the Kingdom of Galifar, the Closed Circle was a group of magicians that sought out the forbidden mysteries of the daelkyr and the Dragon Below. The Closed Circle was destroyed in 641 YK by the combined forces of the Esoteric Order of Aureon, The Guild of Starlight and Shadows, and the Church of the Silver Flame.[1]

Notable MembersEdit

Most of the members of the Closed Circle have been lost to the annals of time, with one exception:

  • Mordain the Fleshweaver took up the studies of the Closed Circle, though it is unclear if he did so during the Circle's existence or afterwards.[2]
  • Chyrassk, ruler of a sect of the Dragon Below, has been learning mysteries from the remnants of the Closed Circle, and giving them to his followers.


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