Leader: Prince Shaen Tasil

Seat: Port Cairn, Farlnen

When the war between House Vol and The Undying Court was over, after The Undying Court killed every member of the House of Vol, The Undying Court let the allies of the Vol line surrender. The allies left Aerenal and found a home on the island of Farlnen. Most the elves stayed in isolated communities within Farlnen, others set up the Bloodsail principality. The elves brought extensive knowledge of magic, archery, and woodworking to the Principalities, so the Bloodsail ships are some of the finest in the Lhazaar fleets.

The elves are interested in all fields of arcane knowledge so they all have magic powers in one form or other. Farlnen is a center for the worship of the Blood of Vol and all The Bloodsails are of the faith.

The Bloodsails are one of the most stable principalities, and Prince Shaen Tasil has ruled for over a century. She does not want the title of high pirnce but she follows the politic of Lhazaar closely.

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