“The Blades believe themselves superior to any flesh-bound creatures. Embracing their soldierly and construct aspects, they live as they were created- as instruments of conquest and violence. Their leader is the Lord of Blades; it is both their ruler and deity. The Blades inhabit the Mournland. Their bases of operation are unknown but theories include Eston, Making, and Whitehearth. The Lord of Blades is the absolute ruler in this military order. His word is holy law. The most devoted followers act as his captains, each leading a company of Blades. Below captains are lieutenants, sergeants, corporals, and privates- a rigid chain of military command familiar and comforting to most warforged.  The Blades are all warforged or constructs that have voluntarily joined or have been created by the Lord of Blades. Military training is a major daily rite, and the Blades maintain small encampments for such a purpose across the Mournland. A few travel in service of their lord, tasked with retrieving items and relics related to the warforged. Others go abroad to proselytize to warforged, particularly those indentured in Karrnath and Thrane.” - Dungeons and Dragons Eberron Campaign Guide (4E), Chapter 3, Page 99, “The Lord of Blades” heading, “Organization” sub-heading

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