Thalin ir'Wynarn (? - 914)

Prince Thalin was the second child and oldest son of King Jarot ir'Wynarn. His son, Daslin ir'Wynarn, became Blood Regent of Thrane upon the death of then-King Thalin.


Prince Thalin assumed his role as Governor-prince of Thrane in 885 YK.

Prince Wrogar was the only child of King Jarot present when his father died in 894 YK. The king named his eldest daughter, Princess Mishann of Cyre, his heir and made his son swear to support her and preserve the nearly 900 year rule of precedence for succession of the crown.

Prince Thalin, not bound by any such oath and believing himself to be a far better candidate for the throne, joined his siblings Prince Kaius of karrnath and Princess Wynarn of Breland in refusing to accept Princess Mishaan as Queen of Galifar. Thalin declared himself King of Thrane in late 894 YK, soon after the start of what would come to be called the Last War. He ruled until his death in 914 YK.

Though he is sometimes said to have "died of old age" after a reign of nearly 30 years, this is not really correct. He could only have been about 46 or 47 years old at his death. He became Governor-prince of Thrane in 885 YK and would have been 18 years old at the time according to tradition, making his date of birth 867 YK. He also reigned as king for only 19 or 20 years, and as Governor-prince for 8 or 9 years before that.

Other MediaEdit

In the novel In the Claws of the Tiger Mathas Allister, an old elf claims to have met Thalin when he was king stating "King Thalin was such a strange man, so...devout. His presence made those around him feel uneasy, as though they might be called upon to praise the Silver Flame at a moment's notice".


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