Tesser Torralyn d'Sivis
Aliases Master Speaker Tesser Torralyn d'Sivis
Home Dar Jin, Riedra
Gender Male
Race Gnome
3rd edition rules
Level (CR) 9 (CR 9)
Class Expert 4/Dragonmark Heir 5
Alignment Neutral
Source Secrets of Sarlona, pg. 74

Tesser Torralyn d'Sivis is one of the few gnomes who call the continent of Sarlona home. Tesser works in the House Sivis enclave in the great port city of Dar Jin, in the nation of Riedra. With the title Master Speaker, Tesser oversees the use of the enclave's three sending stones, which allow for communication between Sarlona and the continent of Khorvaire. Tesser tries to maintain security in the communiques he sends, though he must contend with the Thousand Eyes, who keep an especially close watch on the gnomes. Due to the great distances, Tesser charges 250gp per use of the stones, and limits them to twice per day.[1]


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