Teron is the protagonist in the Eberron novel The Orb of Xoriat. He is a human monk and like his master Keiftal, he too was trained at the Monastery of Pastoral Solitude. He worships the Sovereign Host, especially Dol Arrah.

The Last War made me who I am. I....I chose my course, and the war shaped me. honed me, preserved me. But the war's been over for two years now, and I find that who I am is fading away. Evaporating, rusting like a fine blade left out in the weather
  — Teron - The Orb of Xoriat - page 78


Teron has a light frame and is little below average height though, he compensates to his body weight with his tightly packed muscles. He has short cropped black hair and a beard along with cold blue eyes. He wears a well washed grey simple canvas outfit. His skin is the colour of washed walnut.


Teron is the last surviving member of the Quiet Touch, a secretive group of monks from the Monastery of Pastoral Solitude raised and trained for warfare. Teron, along with the rest of the Quiet Touch were supposed to be killed at the end of the war when they were all sent on suicide missions.


The alignment of this character is never officially documented and the alignment given is an educated approximation by this wiki.

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