Dungeon Magazine 124-64
Temple of the Scorpion God
Publication Dungeon Magazine issue #124
Date July 2004
Publisher Paizo Publishing
Type Adventure
Author James Wyatt and Andy Collins
Illustrator Ramon Perez and Kyle Hunter
Pages 66-75
Edition 3rd ed. (3.5)
Series Shards of Eberron
Preceded by Crypt of Crimson Stars
Followed by Pit of the Fire Lord

Somewhere deep beneath the city of Sharn, an insane villain plots to cast the city of towers into a massive lake of fire. In order to save the city, the PCs must find the one thing that can stop him, an enormous Siberys dragonshard hidden somewhere in the jungles of the lost continent of Xen'drik.

"Temple of the Scorpion God" is an Eberron adventure designed for four 7tth-level characters, scalable for levels 6-9. This adventure is part two of the three-part Shards of Eberron Campaign Arc, which originally appeared as the D&D Open adventure at Gen Con Indy 2004. While the story follows "Crypt of Crimson Stars" from Dungeon #123, it is also easy to run as a stand-alone adventure.

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