Background Edit

Talvaras Dragomir is a half-elf from Cyre. He was raised by his elven mother in a small village, and taught the art of melee combat by his father during sporadic visits from the battlefield. Talvaras buried his father at a young age, and spent his teens caring for his ailing mother. Three years after marrying a Cyran woman from his village, Talvaras was called to fight for the Cyran army. His only child was born that same year, a son whom Talvaras has never met.

Accomplishments Edit

For six years Talvaras has been fighting the Karrnathi undead in northern Cyre. His dedication and honorable service to Cyre and his men has earned him the rank of Sergeant.

Appearance Edit

Talvaras has the standard appearance of an infantry man in the Cyran army. He stands nearly six feet tall and has a medium build. His dark hair is tied back in a ponytail.

His weapon of choice is the long sword, and he carries a heavy shield into battle. His plate armor is emblazoned with the insignia of the Cyran army.

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