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The Talenta Tangat is a two-handed weapon first featured in the 3.5 Eberron Campaign Setting and then in 4th edition of the Eberron Player's Guide. The tangat is a curved blade weapon used and created by the halflings of the Talenta Plains. The weapon is a blade fixed onto a short haft.

3.5 EditionEdit

The tangat falls under the exotic melee weapons group however, is treated as a martial weapon for natives of the Talenta Plains. It costs 40 gp, weighs 8 lb and has the slashing property.

4th EditionEdit

The tangat is apart of the Heavy blade group and has the high crit and versatile properties. Talenta tangats weigh 8 lb, costs 20 gp and can be wielded in one hand by a small creature. 


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