196 EoEberron-1
Eye on Eberron: Taer Syraen
Publication Dungeon Magazine, issue #196
Date November 2011
Publisher Wizards of the Coast
Type Backdrop
Author Keith Baker
Illustrator Noah Bradley
Pages 1-4
Edition 4th ed.
Series Eye on Eberron
Preceded by Fort Bones
Followed by The Trust

Winter rides tonight. That’s an old Karrnathi saying, a warning for when the cold winds blow at sunset. The fields south of the Karrnwood are the finest in the nation, the soil rich and fertile. Yet the danger of a killing frost is ever present, and a sudden bitter cold can sweep out of the woods in any season. Elsewhere, farmers might curse the Devourer, blame the influence of Risia, or rail at the selfishness of House Lyrandar.

Winter is a time of cold and darkness, a season of death or slumber and waiting for rebirth. It is a time of trial. Yet it can draw people together, and wise people know a shared hardship is easier to endure. And though the cold can be deadly, great beauty can be found in the new-fallen snow. Winter takes the familiar and adds a touch of magic.

The farmers of the Rekkenvale tell a different tale. They say Winter lives in the Karrnwood, and the frosts come south when Winter rides with his hounds. Wise people stay indoors on those cold nights, because Winter shows no mercy to those who cross his path.

In the wake of the Mourning, this old superstition has become deadly reality. Farmhands in the Rekkenvale awaken to the baying of distant hounds. The nights grow colder, and frightened children fear that summer will never come again. Village hunters and veteran rangers alike have disappeared from the fringes of the forest.

Six months ago, Count Rolund ir'Tanar led a force of soldiers into the Karrnwood, expecting to find bandits or poachers. Instead he came upon a glittering fortress of ice defended by an army of fey soldiers. When he challenged the strangers, he was driven back by frigid winds. Eladrin knights emerged from the citadel and pursued the Karrns to the edge of the wood. The count was lucky to survive.

Count Rolund has concealed the true nature of the threat from his subjects. Until he has an army at his back and royal dispensation to dispose of these fey intruders, he has no desire to let his people know of his humiliation.

Nonetheless, the farmers know that a power is at work in the woods. What is the threat of the frozen fortress? Will adventurers end up fighting the frigid knights, or will they find allies in the ice?

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