Syla Syrralan d'Sivis, from Dragonmarked
Syla Syrralan d'Sivis
Gender Female
Race Gnome
3rd edition rules
Level (CR) 8 (CR 8)
Class Artificer 5/Unbound Scroll 3
Alignment Neutral
Source Dragonmarked, pg. 130

Syla Syrralan d'Sivis is a member of the Unbound Scrolls, a group within the Ninth College of House Sivis dedicated to the continued development of magic. She has a great interest in the Draconic Prophecy, and has spent time exploring the kobolds of the Seawall Mountains and their use of the draconic language. Syla has spent a fortune crafting inks from the blood of rare and deadly aberrations.

Syla's official title is "Lady Syla Syrralan d'Sivis, Doyen of the Ninth College, Keeper of the Eightieth Word, Unbound Scroll, and Wordsmith" [1]


Syla possesses a Lesser Mark of Scribing, in addition to her abilities as an artificer.[1]


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