The Swashbuckler Edit

The debonair rake whose wit is as sharp as his sword. The sassy elf maiden who takes up the blade despite her fathers wishes. The traveler on the high seas mastering rope and rig as he does blade and bow. All of these are classic examples of the swashbuckler, daring adventurers who live on the edge of their swords and who dive headlong into danger. A swashbuckler is a fierce opponent in melee combat as well as a respectable ranged combatant, but it is their style and pinache which set them apart from other warriors.

Swashbucklers in Eberron Edit

Swashbucklers are fairly common all across Khorvaire, especially since the end of the Last War. While a few swashbucklers served during the war most either fled the conflict entirely or served closer to home on small guard units, in times of war being daring usually means being dead.

Swashbucklers are perfectly suited to the sophistocated and refined cities of Khorvaire, their style and quick minds making them popular in arenas and social clubs. Swashbucklers are also famous as both captains of regular ships and even more so as commanders of airships, striking a dashing pose as they soar through the clouds.

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