Sun’s Blessing (15 Therendor): The 15th day of Therendor, the festival of Dol Arrah, the Sovereign of Honor and Light, is a day of peace, a time for enemies to set aside their differences and commune. This tradition continued throughout the Last War, when most armies kept the peace on Sun’s Blessing. However, in 916 YK the armies of Thrane conducted a great assault on the Brelish city of Starilaskur on Sun’s Blessing, and many Brelish curse Thrane on this holiday. Most of Sharn observes Sun’s Blessing, and a grand celebration takes place at the Pavilion of the Host in Sovereign Towers. It is one of the safest days to wander the city, and a time when rivals often try to resolve their conflicts peacefully. However, the followers of the Mockery and the Shadow may go out of their way to cause pain and suffering as an affront to the sun goddess.

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