Summoning Ooze
Avg. Height 6' long
Avg. Weight 300 lbs.
3rd edition rules
Creature Type Ooze
Advancement By hit dice
Size Medium
Source Monster Manual III, pg. 169

Summoning oozes are the result of summoning circles gone bad. This ooze has arcane runes carved into its protoplasmic flesh, and can summon creatures to its defense. Trained summoning oozes are used to help protect the floating towers of Arcanix, the home of the Arcane Congress.[1][2]


Summoning oozes are usually blood red in color. Vaguely translucent, the summoning ooze has arcane runes carved into its flesh, and these runes glow with an otherworldly light. These lights seem to form a bright golden circle within the ooze, from which the ooze is able to summon other creatures.[1]


In order to better hunt its prey, the summoning ooze has the ability to summon other creatures through a portal it emits from its strange runes; the more powerful the summoning ooze, the more powerful creature it can summon. More powerful oozes can also summon more than one creature. A summoning ooze grows as it devours its prey, splitting when it gets too large. Like most oozes, a summoning ooze also emits a corrosive acid from its flesh.[1]


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