Stormhome, the City of Escapes
Population 14,280

Stormhome is an island city at the north edge of the Scions Sound. It is the home of House Lyrandar. The scions of Lyrandar use their dragonmark powers to maintain a temperate climate on the island, despite its extreme northern longtitude, proximity to the Frostfell and its location on the coast of the Bitter Sea. The island itself is informally House Lyrandar territory even though it is protected by an Aundairian garrison. Stormhome is the seat of House Lyrandar's power and its matriarch, Esravash d'Lyrandar makes her home here as well. The island, once a desolate place of little worth, is now a bustling paradise, the home of many Ghallanda resorts as well as the Lyrandar enclave itself.

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