A steek kraken, from Five Nations
Steel Kraken
Avg. Height 20' - 40' long
Avg. Weight 6,000 lbs.
Lifespan Infinite (theoretical)
Homeland(s) Cyre; The Mournland
Language(s) None
3rd edition rules
Creature Type Construct
Advancement By hit dice
Size Huge
Source Five Nations, pg. 93

Steel krakens were created by House Cannith for use in the Last War. House Cannith sold them to Cyre, and the Cyrans used them to patrol their coastline. With Cyre destroyed during the Day of Mourning, the steel krakens still aimlessly patrol the seas of the former nation.[1]


During the early years of the Last War, House Cannith was in the market of creating constructs and selling them to the various nations. The brainchild of the first Merrix d'Cannith, House Cannith crafted elaborate huge steel krakens from steel, wood, and iron in the same creation forges they would later use to create the warforged. House Cannith sold these krakens to their home nation, Cyre, which used them to defend their southern shores along the appropriately-named Kraken Bay.

In the year 994 YK, the Day of Mourning destroyed the nation of Cyre while the Last War was in effect. The nations sued for peace, however, the steel krakens patrolling the shoreline still adhered to their last commands. Today, these metallic sea creatures will destroy any sea vessel that approaches not flying Cyran colors.[1][2]

Appearance & PersonalityEdit

A steel kraken appears as their natural counterparts, though made of steel, iron, and wood. They have two 40-foot-long tentacles, and eight 20-foot-long ones. Their outer armor is made from adamantine, making them extremely resistant to damage.

Steel krakens have rudimentary intelligence, and can perform simple strategies. They can understand commands, but cannot communicate.[1]


Steel krakens are extremely strong, and can use their tentacles to rend ships in half, crushing them with their smaller tentacles. Steel krakens also frequently ram ships to drive them under the sea. During emergency maneuvers, the steel kraken can jet backwards, much like a real kraken, though they do not have any sort of ink attack like a real kraken or squid.

As constructs, steel krakens are immune to mind-affecting attacks and poisons. They are equipped with both low-light and darkvision, and are resistant to acid, cold, electricity, fire, and sonic attacks.[1]


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