This is an example entry for a Station Master as found in the source material.


Ivor was once a promising candidate for favored in house, but let his own guilt over an accident at Fairhaven station, known as the Fairhaven Rail Disaster of 968 ruin any future potential for success. Now this old yet fit man runs his station with great care. Though friendly with paying customers, he is quite paranoid of anyone who acts the least bit suspicious. If he should suspect anyone of trying to cause disaster to his station or trains, he does everything he can to scare them off, using various spell like abilities and disguises.

Skills and FeatsEdit

Ivor and other station masters like him take advantage of the following skills:

  • Craft(for example, alchemy)
  • Craft(another example, blacksmithing)
  • Disguise
  • Forgery
  • Knowledge(history)
  • Knowledge(local)
  • Profession(rail worker)
  • Sleight of Hand
  • Spellcraft
  • Survival

As for feats, the following are useful for these types of characters:


Ivor and other station masters like him need to be able to communicate with their clientele. As a result, they know common and a few other languages, such as Dwarven and Elven.


Ivor and other station masters might be found carrying the following:

  • a tanglefoot bag for slowing down criminals
  • vials of alchemical solutions, such as alchemist's frost.
  • leather overalls as clothing.
  • a wrench for repairs, and also as a weapon in a pinch.
  • a disguise kit, for those times when they just can't be bothered or want to scare people off.
  • Ivor himself always has some clippings from the Korranberg Chronicle detailing the Fairhaven Rail Disaster of 968.

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