The Spirit Shaman Edit

Spirit shamans are spontaneous divine spellcasters closely related to druids, but with a different interpretation and interaction with the natural world. As their name indicates spirit shamans commune with the spirits of nature and are able to see and feel things no other beings can. Spirit shamans also possess a close ally known as a "spirit guide" with whom only they can interact and see. This guiding spirit helps alert a spirit shaman to danger and assist the spirit shaman in gaining and altering his spell selection.

Spirit Shamans in Eberron Edit

As mentioned above spirit shamans are often closely tied with druids and this is no less true in Eberron. Spirit shamans are part of and travel with druidic and ranger groups within the Eldeen Reaches, offering their unique knowledge and abilities to their compatriots. Spirit shamans often join one of the three major druidic organization in the Eldeen Reaches; The Gatekeepers, the Greensingers or the Wardens of the Wood.

References Edit

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