114862 CN GL
A sphinx, from the 4th edition Monster Manual
Avg. Height 10' long
Avg. Weight 800 lbs.
Lifespan Immortal
Language(s) Common, Draconic, and Sphinx
3rd edition rules
Creature Type Magical Beast
Advancement By hit dice
Size Large
Source Monster Manual, pg. 232-234
4th edition rules
Creature Type Immortal Magical Beast
Size Large
Source Monster Manual (4th edition),
pg. 245

The immortal sphinxes are a rare sight on Eberron. These creatures, with the bodies of lions, feathery wings, and human-like heads, have been spotted on the continent of Xen'drik and in the Blade Desert of the Talenta Plains.[1][2][3]

Types of SphinxesEdit

There are various different types of sphinxes


Androsphinxes are always male and are the most common of the species of sphinx. They have razorsharp claws, and a gruff demeanor.


Criosphinxes are always male, but these sphinxes are less intelligent than the other species of sphinxes. These sphinxes use their horns to attack, as well as their claws.


Gynosphinxes are always females, and are the female counterpart to the androsphinxes. They constantly seek out new intellectual challenges.


Heiracosphinxes are always male, and are always evil. They enjoy ripping creatures to shreds more than challenging them with puzzles.[1]


Loquasphinxes can be male or female. They speak with truename magic, using it to find the truth from its targets.[3]

Notable NamesEdit


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