A spell sovereign, from Dragon Magazine issue #357
Spell Sovereign
3rd edition prestige class rules
No. of Levels 10
Requirements Skills: Knowledge (arcana) 8 ranks, Knowledge (dungeoneering) 4 ranks
Feats: Improved Familiar
Spells: Ability to cast at least three conjuration (summoning) spells, one of which must be at least 3rd level
Special: Must have had direct contact with a living spell
Hit Die d4
Class Skills Concentration, Craft, Knowledge (all skills, take individually), Spellcraft
Skill Points 2 + Int mod per level
Source Dragon Magazine issue #357

When the Day of Mourning occurred, spells that had been cast when the event happened became sentient. These semi-sentient living spells roam the Mournland, infused with a semblance of life, and destroying anything that gets in their way. These spells have attracted the attention of many arcane sages; everyone from the experts at Morgrave University to those individual wizards who wish to put these living spells to their own use.

Spell sovereigns are wizards who have learned to capture and tame these living spells, binding them to servitude. Spell sovereigns use living spells as conjured creatures, as familiars, or incorporate these spells into magic items. Especially adept spell sovereigns can even go so far as to awaken living spells, giving them sentience.[1]

Notable NamesEdit


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