Dragon Magazine 351-65
Dragonmarks: Sorcerers in Eberron
Publication Dragon Magazine issue #351
Date January 2007
Publisher Paizo Publishing
Type Game mechanics
Author Keith Baker
Illustrator Eric Deschamps
Pages 76-79
Edition 3rd ed. (3.5)
Series Dragonmarks
Followed by Warforged: Fierce and Furious

Magic is power. across Eberron, all levels of society recognize this simple truth. Magic exists, and the peoples of Eberron have uncovered many ways to harness it, such as through the arcane studies of wizards, the pure faith of clerics, or the brilliant insight of artificers. Whether a person devotes his life to tomes of magic and or religions rituals, all of these mystical traditions require study and devotion, and they are paths that a student can rarely master without the aid of skilled teachers.

Other forms of power exist, and they cannot be learned. Passed down through blood, the most common and visible of these gifts are the dragonmarks. The bearer of a dragonmark can produce one or more magical effects without training. Many sages believe these marks tie in to the legendary prophecy studied by the dragons of Argonnessen - that in some way, those who bear these marks are agents of the prophecy, pawns on a playing board too vast for mortal eyes to see.

Then there are sorcerers.

Like the dragonmarked, the sorcerer gains his power inherently. It takes time for a sorcerer to unlock his full potential, but he is beholden to no outside force and he need not rely on ancient texts or arcane lore. Over the course of centuries, sages have developed dozens of theories as to the source of the sorcerer's ability to cast spells. Some attribute this magical affinity to inhuman heritage - the blood of dragons, fey, or fiends - carrying the aptitude of his nonhuman ancestor. While a traditional sorcerer can claim any heritage he wishes, two paths have specific game effects: the dragonmarked sorcerers and the legacy of the progenitors.

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