Sora Kell
Aliases The Queen of the Night
Gender Female
Race Night Hag

Sora Kell is a night hag of great legends. She has traveled the continents and the planes in search of the ultimate power. Her children, the Daughters of Sora Kell, are the current rulers of the monster nation Droaam.[1]


Sora Kell is said to be one of the most powerful night hags in all history; however, even history is confused to her origins. Hundreds of legends exist of Sora Kell, some directly contradicting others; in some she is a fierce wizard, while in others she rends whole armies with her claws.

Sora Kell is said to have traveled across the continents, and visited plane after plane in search of the ultimate mystical knowledge. Some rumors say she is an agent of the Traveler, while others propose she actually is the Traveler.

At some point, Sora Kell gave birth to three Hag daughters: a green hag named Sora Katra, an annis hag named Sora Maenya, and a dusk hag named Sora Teraza. No one knows their father or fathers, though their half-fiendish traits reveal him to be a demon or devil.

There has been no confirmed sighting of Sora Kell within the last century. Her current fate is unknown: some say she is content to watch her daughters come into greatness on their own, others say she is hidden away, working on a great spell to shake the world; while others say she is trapped on another plane of existence, trying to free herself.[1]


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