Snowflake Ooze
Avg. Height 10' long
Avg. Weight 250 lbs.
Homeland(s) Farlnen, Lhazaar Principalities; Frostfell;
Risia; Tashana Tundra
3rd edition rules
Creature Type Ooze (cold)
Advancement By hit dice
Size Medium
Source Monster Manual III, pg. 161

Snowflake oozes originate on the frozen plane of Risia, but have traveled to Eberron through manifest zones. Unlike other oozes, snowflake oozes are an intricate latticework design, and they go after other creatures that exude warmth.[1][2]


Snowflake oozes originate on the plane of Risia, the Plain of Ice. Over the years, they have traveled through the various manifest zones between Risia and the material plane, and can be found across the world. Snowflake oozes have been spotted in the Frostfell, in the Mror Holds and Karrnath on Khorvaire, and in the Tashana Tundra on Sarlona. Some say that the Lich Queen Vol has several dozen on her frozen island Farlnen in the Lhazaar Principalities.[1][2][3]


Snowflake oozes are made of snowflakes. They emit an intense cold, that can freeze their attackers. They constantly hunt warm-blooded creatures, where they engulf and swallow them. They are made up of 20% air, which means that attacks have a chance of missing the snowflake ooze entirely. If struck in the right place, a snowflake ooze can crack and split into two snowflake oozes. Snowflake oozes are immune to cold-based attacks.[1]


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