The Sky Battle of Daskaran, from The Forge of War
Sky Battle of Daskaran
Start Date 909 YK
End Date 909 YK
Location Daskaran, Thrane
Combatants Aundair vs. Thrane
Victor(s) Draw
Source The Forge of War, pg. 16

While it was considered a minor skirmish in the overall events of the Last War, the Sky Battle of Daskaran proved noteworthy for being the first aerial battle of the Last War. 27 Sky Knights of Aundair faced off against 30 Wyvernriders of Thrane high above the Thrane city of Daskaran.[1]


As the Last War raged across Khorvaire, the nations of Aundair and Thrane constantly faced off. In the year 909 YK, Aundair sent a force into Thrane's airspace, using the native Aundairian dragonhawks as mounts for a new brand of fighter: the Sky Knight. This force of 27 Sky Knights, however, was spotted high above the Thrane city of Daskaran, and a force of Thrane Wyvernriders defended the Thrane border.

While the fight was an overall minor skirmish, this combat marked the first aerial combat during the Last War. Called the Sky Battle of Daskaran, each side suffered minor losses before withdrawing: Thrane lost six wyverns and Aundair lost five dragonhawks. However, because the riders came from aristocrats on both sides, the battle became a symbol of the chivalry and honor; a symbol that was lost later in the war.

Even though both sides withdrew, both sides claimed the skirmish a victory.[1]


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