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Aliases The Hag on High
Gender Female
Race Harpy
3rd edition rules
Level (CR) 8 (CR 12)
Class Truenamer 8
Alignment Neutral Evil
Source The Forge of War, pg. 81

Sklar, the Hag on High, was a harpy who learned the secret magics of truenaming. Sklar was once a protege of Sora Teraza, and is old enough that she resembles a hag more than she does a harpy. During the Last War, Sklar served as an arcane mercenary, trading eldritch writings for services and favors. However, when the Daughters of Sora Kell announced their vision of a united nation of Droaam, Sklar was one of the few that openly defied them. Sklar, a believer in anarchy, felt that the monstrous races should be ruled by no one, neither human nor even their own kind. Seen as a threat to the rule of the Daughters, they have put a price on Sklar's head. The Daughters have even worked out a deal with House Tharashk to hunt her down. The Dragonmarked House has assigned the task to a half-orc named Lithra Ruusk, who has been hunting for Sklar for over a decade. Sklar, meanwhile, continues her mercenary services, often against the Daughters of Sora Kell.[1]


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