Skinweavers are creations of Mordain the Fleshweaver. They are formed from the severed hands and heads of humanoid creatures, and can reproduce by inserting their spawn into newly severed hands and heads. Unlike zombies and other undead, the flesh of the host is perfectly preserved and looks exactly as it did in life. The heads have eight spindly, chitinous legs protruding from the skull, with a spiderlike abdomen sealing the base of the neck. The hands look like scorpions, with the hand taking up the place of the tail. Skinweaver hands are linked to skinweaver heads, and act in unison with it as a single organism. The flesh of the host creature hardens when it becomes a skinweaver, and thus they can take a large amount of punishment. Both hands and heads have an almost instinctive ability to use various magical abilities, mostly necrotic magic to rend a target's flesh or instill fear.

Like spiders they rely on webs to catch their prey, but as they cannot produce silk they instead use the entrails, skin and other body parts of their prey to weave them. To preserve their webs, they coat them in a sort of sticky mucus which also serves as a hallucinogenic, further ensnaring any creature entrapped within it. They live only in Kresht Rhyll, the Forest of Flesh, which was named such mostly due to their webs.[1]

References Edit

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