Six Stones: Six Stones, a Droaam tradition brought to Sharn by immigrants, involves seven competitors who each pay a base stake. The seven are then sealed in a large chamber with a cockatrice. The match ends when six of the competitors have been turned to stone, at which point the survivor receives the majority of the stakes (with a share being set aside for the organizers). A medusa handler monitors the competition to ensure that rules are followed. Contestants carry no arms or armor, and no magic or psionics may be used. Additionally, no one may attack the cockatrice. The challenge lies in defeating the other contestants or luring them into the path of the cockatrice. The battleground varies. It may be completely barren or chocked with rubble and cover; there may be light, or it may be pitch black.

Six Stones matches are run by the monstrous organization known as Daask. The sport is highly illegal, but the matches are confined to the Dura Cogs and well hidden from the eyes of the Watch. Six Stones usually only occurs once every few months. Sometimes participants voluntarily enter the arena, but most are debtors who have been offeredachance to clear their loans. Daask takes bets on the outcome, and usually earns a tidy sum.

Currently Daask has four cockatrices in Sharn (5 HD, 5 HD, 6 HD, and 8 HD), all of which were carefully trained in Droaam. A medusa named Karyale (NE female medusa expert 2) handles the cockatrices.

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