Shadukar, the "Jewel of the Sound", was once a beautiful city overlooking Scions Sound and bounded to the south by what is now called the Burnt Wood. The city was captured and subsequently destroyed in 961 YK by an invading coalition force of Cyran and Karrnathi armies. Strategically pulling back from the city, the invaders locked its gates and set the city ablaze killing its inhabitants. More than 7000 Thranes died that day.

The city was never rebuilt and most Thranes consider the place cursed. The Church of the Silver Flame sent clerics in to cleanse the place, but the undead there exacted a heavy toll, and the ruins have been abandoned since, except by foolhardy adventurers and desperate fugitives.

"The gray walls of Shadukar were visible for several miles, situated atop an escarpment that formed the base of what locals called "The Arrow", a low-lying spit of land jutting north into Scions Sound. The bulk of the city itself had been built into the side of the bluff, looking morth toward Flamekeep and Thronehold. But over the years the population had outgrown the stony confines of the scarp, and buildings had sprouted at the top of the cliffs. Eventually, Upper Shadukar had become a city in its own right, and walls had been erected to protect the affluent neighborhoods located there. From this distance, the only things that marked the shattered Jewel of the Sound as a ruin were the lack of movement atop those walls and the eerie quiet that hung over them."[1]


A werewolf named Quillion, who survived the inquisition of the Silver Flame during the Purge, may live among the ruins of Shadukar.


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