The Shadow Network is a House Thuranni guild for musicians, artists, actors and all forms of performers. In secret, all members of the Shadow Network are also assassins or spies trained in espionage. As with their mother house, Phiarlan, Thuranni's covert services are not available to to public as their clients are selected by the house. The performers of the Shadow Network, especially those involved in the shaping arts are well known for being some of the best in their fields though, it is in assassination that the Shadow Network is unchallenged, being the best assassins in all Eberron.

Assassins of the Shadow Network are absolutely forbidden from assassinating house Phiarlan members or even killing a House Phiarlan spy. This rule applies to the members of House Phiarlan too, so if an assassin or spy from either house goes after the same target, they do not engage in combat and instead play a sort of game and attempt to out perform each other.


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