Deneith guild members

[Left to right] Blademarks guild member, Defenders guild member and a Sentinel Marshal.

The Sentinel Marshals are form of law enforcement run by House Deneith. They are a specialized form of mercenary, bounty hunters empowered to enforce the laws of Galifar across Khorvaire. They were granted the right to cross any border by the King of Galifar, but when Galifar collapsed into civil war the rulers of the Five Nations agreed to let the Sentinel Marshals continue to pursue their prey across all nations, to maintain a neutral lawkeeping force that would be respected throughout Khorvaire.

House Deneith has arranged with other dragonmarked houses for Sentinel Marshals to receive free transport on elemental airships, lightning rails and Orien caravans during active duty.

Known Sentinel Marshals Edit


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