Sela's Path is the priesthood within House Lyrandar. The focus of religious devotion is the Sovereign deities Arawai and Kol Korran, as well as Lyran and Selavash, the founders of the house. The souls of Lyran and Selavash are believed by the devotees of Sela's Path to serve as intermediaries between the mortal worshippers and the deities of the Sovereign Host, much in the way Seekers believe that Tira Miron intercedes with the Silver Flame on the behalf of worshippers.

Priests and druids of Sela's Path believe in the domestication and controlling of nature, the use of natural forces for the benefit of the Khoravar and other sentient races. One would not find devotees of Sela's Path amongst the likes of the Ashbound or other group that believed in the unfettered wildness of nature. In fact, a Lyrandar half-elf would be unlikely to endorse such beliefs even outside devotion to the Path.


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