Seekers of the Ashen Crown
Type Adventure
Edition 4th ed.
Author Chris Sims and Scott Fitzgerald Gray
Publisher Wizards of the Coast
Date July 21, 2009
ISBN-10 0-7869-5017-X
ISBN-13 978-0-7869-5017-1
Binding Softcover booklet
Pages 96

Seekers of the Ashen Crown is an adventure for the 4th edition of Dungeons & Dragons and is the only 4th edition adventure set in Eberron. It takes players from 2nd level to 5th.

The Ashen Crown has been lost for centuries, yet its fragments remain of great interest to Morgrave University, the King's Citadel, and other, more nefarious organizations. The discovery of a fragment beneath the city of Sharn triggers a race for the remaining pieces. Conspiracy and treachery abound as the forces of good and evil converge to reclaim the sundered crown.

"Seekers of the Ashen Crown" takes characters from 2nd level to 5th level. The adventure is set in the Eberron campaign setting, but is easily adaptable to any Dungeons & Dragons setting. It includes two adventure books, full-color illustrations of sights ans scenes in the adventure, and a double-sided battle map designed for use with D&D Miniatures.


The adventure is mainly linear and is comprised of two dungeons and nine parts. It is centred around the Dhaakani artefact the Ashen Crown and the goblin clan the Kech Volaar and their leader Yeraa.

Ashurta's Tomb

Ashurta's Tomb

  • Introduction
  • Bug Hunt
  • Ashurta's Tomb (Dungeon)
  • Investigation and Interludes
  • Road to Six Kings
  • Six Kings (Dungeon)
  • Graywall
  • Endgame
  • Ashurta's Tomb, Redux


The physical version of the Seekers of the Ashen Crown is comprised of two separate booklets titled Adventure Book One and Adventure Book Two with 32 and 64 pages respectively. Adventure Book One focuses on the story, role-play, NPCs, magic items and descriptive illustrations. Adventure Book Two has a list of encounters which detail monsters present, monster tactics, traps etc.

There is also a double sided map for miniatures which details three separate environments present in the adventure.

Non-Player CharactersEdit

Six Kings

Six Kings monument

  • Akitani: Goblin barbarian and member of the Wordbearers
  • Ashurta
  • Captain Saj Kalaes
  • Captain Warrick: Emerald Claw agent
  • Chib Naersaar: Leader of the Bladebearers
  • Corporal Bronal Tuck: Gnome secretary at the King's Citadel
  • Dala Arand: An Emerald Claw agent posing as a scholar.
  • Delan: Exiled House Lyrandar member who now works for Yeera
  • Demise
  • Govaan:Goblin rogue and member of the Wordbearers
  • Huugan of Rhukaan Draal: Yeera's adviser
  • Jaenus: Demise's apprentice
  • Jezirpa: Hobgoblin soldier and member of the Wordbearers
  • Molric Torranol
  • Murdaak: Hobgoblin warcaster and member of the Wordbearers.
  • Olaakki
  • Professor Gydd Nephret
  • Tikulti
  • Ulkuuz: Hobgoblin soldier and member of the Wordbearers
  • Yeraa


  • The Ashen Crown
  • Ashurta's Blade
  • Karruuk's Circlet
  • Lurtaan's Cord
  • Murkoorak's Orb
  • Zaarani's Solitaire


Adventure Book 1

  • Deathguant Madcaster
  • Deathgaunt Lasher
  • Deathgaunt Spiner
  • Deathgaunt Drover
  • Deathgaunt Hordeling
  • Dreadclaw Darkliege
  • Dreadclaw Reaver

Adventure Book 2

  • Akitani p.29
  • Ancient Tomb Mote p.8
  • Ashurta p.12
  • Bloodblade Hobgoblin Skeleton p.10
  • Bonepile Hobgoblin Skeleton p.11
  • Captain Warrick p.24
  • Chainfighter Wight p.13
  • Chib Naersaar p.26
  • Demise p.62
  • Fire Sink p.4
  • Govaan p.29
  • Grave Drake p.9
  • Hobgoblin Soldier Zombie p.13
  • Hobgoblin Spectre p.10
  • Hobgoblin Wight p.11
  • Imp p.3
  • Jaenus, Demise's Apprentice p.59
  • Kruthik Hatchlings p.2
  • Kruthik Young p.2
  • Magma Runner p.4
  • Sharn Kruthik p.2
  • Sodden Corruption Corpse p.9
  • Tikulti p.60
  • Yeera p.29

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