Homebase None
Founded Unknown
Alignment NE
Leader(s) None Professed

Though not yet completely organized into a solid group schismatics hold a congruent set of beliefs that make them a force across Eberron. The schismatics hold that the Schism that separated the Dark Six from the Sovereign Host was a blessing and gives the Dark Six the ability to rise up and overthrow the members of the Sovereign Host if they would be properly worshiped as a pantheon. Schismatics seek to thwart sects that single out members of the Dark Six for individual worship, believing that if enough belief is placed in the power of the pantheon the Dark Six will be able to rise up and overthrow the Sovereign Host.

References Edit

Jennifer Clarke Wilkes, Ari Marmell, and C.A. Suleiman (2006). Wizards of the CoastISBN 0-7869-3934-6.

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