The Samurai Edit

Samurai are proud martial warriors noted for their bravery, loyalty and honor. Samurai often wear distinctive armor that is composed of numerous tiny plates tied together, usually by leather straps and carry two blades, a long curved sword know as a katana (similar to a more convential bastard sword) as well as a smaller blade called a wakazashi (which is roughly the size of a short sword). Most samurai are also proficient with long bows and mounted combat and while they occasionally wield both swords at once the katana is more commonly held with two hands.

Samurai in Eberron Edit

In Eberron samurai began to appear in the closing decades of the Last War as certain mercenary groups abandoned national loyalties and instead swore to serve select members of Galifar's ancient royal families who they claimed were the the only legitimate heirs. Calling this movement "The Code of Honorable Devotion" (which is believed to have developed in the Dwarven Mror Holds) and calling themselves samurai (an ancient word meaning "to serve") these warriors swore their lives and their honor to their patrons.

Samurai traditions are strongest in among the former citizens of Cyre as well as the Dwarves of the Mror Holds. These two groups are not however the only place where samurai warriors exist and their numbers can be counted within the militaries of Aundair, Breland, Thrane, Karrnath and Q'Barra.

References Edit

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